Our Factory

Raw material

We introduce various apparel raw material in order to meet the market increasing needs. These clothing material like cotton, nylon, flax, silk, wool, rayon, polyester and some other basic materials are all have stock so we can ensure the order normal productions. We promise the high quality and harmless material to all of our customers so please feel free to order our products.

Dyed and Printed Department

We have our own dyed and printed department and all of these processes are controlled by digital and all of the colors or patterns are clear, vivid and beautiful.

Production Department

We have advanced imported equipment and skilled workers to finish each production process. The following pictures show the seamless underwear workshop and knitted products workshop.

Embroidery department

Embroidery products are very popular now so we design some embroidery bra, panties, sexy lingerie and t-shirts to support our customer’s business. The following pictures show our embroidery workshop conditions. Excellent and exact quality is our forever pursuit.

Sample Room

We have our own sample room to display some new and classical products. We enjoy sharing our nice products with all of our customers. I am sure you will be attracted once you step into this room.